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We are proud to introduce Coulisse as one of our new suppliers of window coverings.  Since 1992, Coulisse has grown into an international leading supplier of window treatments, from roller, panel and vertical blinds to wood blinds, roman and pleated shades. This vast product range will provide you with endless possibilities to tie in with internationally diverse taste, styles and window types. Coulisse has provided us with collections of materials that are extensive, varied and innovative. There are simple, functional fabrics along with exclusive, decorative varieties that are found nowhere else.  The color palettes are comprehensive and constitute timeless tones and trendy colors. Come check out our 266 square foot display in Northfield and see for yourself how innovative and stylish Coulisse is.  

What to do with Sliders And Doors

Choosing a window treatment for a sliding glass and standard doors can be a bit more involved than picking one for your bedroom window. Normally on doors, privacy and light control can be issues, but how it functions also plays a major role. When it comes to the function of the doors, the window treatments have to clear and avoid the operation of the door. So depending on what product is used will determine the best location to mount it.  We have used all sorts of products on doors including verticals, roller shades, Shangri-La’s, luminettes, vertiglides, cellular shades and many others.  Here are a couple of ideas from recent jobs to show a variety of products and their functionality.

Hard To Reach Windows

What to do with those windows that are just out of your reach? Do you hate climbing into the tub to operate your blinds and shades or better yet standing on your coach trying to avoid hitting the lamp to lift up the shades?  Well, today we have some answers to these problematic windows.  The best solution is go with something motorized. The pros out way the cons and with a push of a button you can control the shades and actually enjoy operating them.  The biggest con to motorization is the cost but today they are beginning to become very reasonable with all of the competition and advancements. Other solutions include mechanism and cording options that allow you to bring the controls farther out and longer for easier use. For more info visit our website acshade.com or our showroom in Northfield.

Comfortex Window Fashions

Marusak and Schenebly founded Comfortex Window Fashions in 1986 because they needed window coverings for their greenhouse. Since then, Comfortex has grown to be a nationally recognized innovator and manufacturer of all window treatments. Since Comfortex is committed to quality and great customer service, we are proud to be one of their vendors. Here at Atlantic City Shade Shop, our suppliers have to have the same level of customer service and care for their customers to get the right information as we do.  Come check out the variety of offerings and customizations at our showroom in Northfield.


Norman Window Fashions has more than 40 years of experience manufacturing quality products. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and passion has made Norman’s the worlds largest and respected manufacturers of Window Treatment in the market today. Their products include 2” to 2 ½ “ blinds in both wood and faux, cellular shades, rolller shades, verticals, shutters, and many more.  We have a variety of textures, colors and materials on display at our showroom in Northfield, NJ. From classic to chic and traditional to modern, I am sure we can find a product that would fit your design.

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Going Green with Fabrics

Green fabrics are becoming a more and more popular with customer looking to go natural and ecofriendly to combating those nasty allergies.  Performance fabrics from companies like Phifer and Springs, have also gone green, with anti-microbial, anti-fungal attributes woven into the yarn or offered as a coating over the material. Stain-resistant, mildew and mold resistant fabrics are also trending up for bathrooms and kitchens. With the organic and non-toxic dyes on the fabrics, we can all rest easily knowing we are being environmentally conscious to mother earth.