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How to Choose the Right Window Treatment

If the array of curtains, shades and shutters for windows is leaving your head spinning wondering what would be the best choice, here's some help.

Blinds or custom drapes? Café shutters or shades? Or do I go with the latest tech in home automation? The best starting point in choosing window treatments is to decide whether you need privacy, light filtering or room darkening or a combination of the 3! Once you have an understanding of what you want to get out of the shade, the next important step is control. Control is broken down to a product that tilts like a wooden blind to one that rises up and down like a roller or roman shade. The best advice is to tackle it room by room and figure out what you want to get out of the product.  As a rule of thumb, most people go with room darkening products in the bedrooms, privacy for the bathrooms, and combinations of the 3 in the rest of the rooms.

I hope this helps, happy designing!

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Going Green with Fabrics

Green fabrics are becoming a more and more popular with customer looking to go natural and ecofriendly to combating those nasty allergies.  Performance fabrics from companies like Phifer and Springs, have also gone green, with anti-microbial, anti-fungal attributes woven into the yarn or offered as a coating over the material. Stain-resistant, mildew and mold resistant fabrics are also trending up for bathrooms and kitchens. With the organic and non-toxic dyes on the fabrics, we can all rest easily knowing we are being environmentally conscious to mother earth.