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Custom Shutters

Think of shutters as furniture for your windows. They are an investment that will enhance the beauty of your home, yet serve as a practical covering for your windows. Whether you prefer the look of traditional 1-1/4 inch louvers or the “tropical” feel of 4-1/2 inch plantation shutters, there are an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to meet your needs.


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Draperies and Valances

Our experienced designers can create beautiful window coverings for any room in your home. Whatever your style -- contemporary, traditional, country, or eclectic -- the possibilities are limitless. Our showroom displays are among the largest and most decorative in all of South Jersey. We can customize any style of draperies, sheers, cornices, valances, balloons, Roman shades and much, much more. Accent accessories – such as pillows and table coverings – will enhance the beauty of any room. Decorative wood and metal hardware can add a final touch of elegance and beauty to your design.


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Horizontal Blinds

The world of horizontal blinds has grown dramatically from humble beginnings many years ago. They are now available in sizes from ½ inch all the way up to 2-5/8’s. Available materials are as varied as their sizes.

Whether you prefer the rich natural beauty of real wood, the versatility of composite blinds that resist warping and fading, or the value of faux wood blinds, there are many decorative colors and textures to choose from. Light blocking and privacy options improve performance and versatility. Specialty decorative tapes and valances offer unique design details. New cordless lift systems make blinds easier than ever to raise and lower.


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Pleated Shades

Pleated shades are such a versatile product, it is hard to remember they are relative newcomers to the world of window coverings.

From the original “accordion” pleat to the super energy-efficient double honeycomb cellular shade, pleated shades are available in a dizzying range of colors, fabrics, and styles. We can help you customize a shade that meets your needs and fits your budget.


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Privacy Sheers

Would you like to bathe your home with soft diffused light without sacrificing your privacy? Then Privacy Sheer Shadings – incorporating the newest and most innovative product designs -- offer the perfect solution. You control the precise amount of light and privacy desired. Room dimming options provide even greater light control. Remote control and battery power features offer the convenience of push-button operation.


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Specialty Items

Today’s houses have changed drastically since 1947, when the Atlantic City Shade Shop was founded. Homes are bigger. Windows and doors come in so many more shapes and sizes. Baby boomers’ children now have children, and space is at a premium. Energy costs are higher. Computers and other technology offer more convenience but present new challenges.


What makes the Atlantic City Shade Shop unique is our ability to meet and solve these problems, both through the products we offer and our 60 plus years of experience.

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are as versatile and popular as ever! Whether you have a sliding glass door, an area with a multitude of windows, or just one small window to cover, vertical blinds are as practical as they are beautiful!

With thousands of patterns and colors to choose from, your only problem will be too many choices. Free hanging fabric vanes provide privacy while letting soft diffused light into your home. Textured, decorative vinyl combines the look of fabric with unsurpassed ease-of-cleaning and greater light control. Valance options, such as accent trims and graceful lines, enhance the beauty of your blind and coordinate with any décor.


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Window Shades

For years, window shades and pleated shades have been customers’ favorites because they offer great value and they work.

Why wait weeks when we can customize in-stock window shades for you while you wait? Room-Darkening or Light-Filtering? Plain Bottom or Scalloped with Fringe? Smooth or textured? It’s all on display in our Northfield showroom along with all the hardware and accessories you need. Just bring your measurements and we’ll do the rest.


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Woven wood Blinds

Woven woods have reclaimed their status as a window treatment with the qualities prized by today’s top designers: the warmth and texture of natural yarns, fibers, and woods. No longer limited to seashore motifs, woven woods are being specified in the most upscale of settings.


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Featured Article:

Going Green with Fabrics

Green fabrics are becoming a more and more popular with customer looking to go natural and ecofriendly to combating those nasty allergies.  Performance fabrics from companies like Phifer and Springs, have also gone green, with anti-microbial, anti-fungal attributes woven into the yarn or offered as a coating over the material. Stain-resistant, mildew and mold resistant fabrics are also trending up for bathrooms and kitchens. With the organic and non-toxic dyes on the fabrics, we can all rest easily knowing we are being environmentally conscious to mother earth.